SGT Racing's Mission statement:

To work with talented young potential world champions!

To raise additional team sponsorship to enable talented young drivers to have the opportunity to enter motorsport at a reduced cost. To provide them with high quality backup and access to committed successful racing coaches.

SGT Racing is totally committed to providing opportunities for new up-and-coming drivers to participate in motorsport at a competitive level. Drivers will be expected to bring with them a reasonable level of sponsorship to support their racing. It is hoped that SGT Racing will also be able to raise sufficient team sponsorship to subsidise the drivers who at this stage of their career are unable to raise an entire season's worth of sponsorship.

The typical budget for a season's participation is from 24K for a drive in a Formula Renault participating within the BARC Formula Renault championship and up to 65K for a full season in the Formula Renault Sport Championship.

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Team Sponsorship

SGT Racing is looking for a total team sponsorship of 50K for the 2000 season. Sponsors will have exclusive coverage on our race car transporter and 20% coverage on the racecars. Our designers will work with sponsors to design suitable signwritting. The main team sponsor, who contributes at least 40% of the team's sponsorship, will have the opportunity to choose the overall design for the painting of the transporter and will then have the appropriate share of the signwritting. They will also have the opportunity to participate in the running of the team, and will be able to be involved in the various test days and race days.